Call for Panel Proposals

Panel Submissions--Deadline Extended: July 31, 2017


1. A symposium is a detailed exposition on a particular theme by 3-4 speakers, each contributing on a different aspect of the topic.

2. The topic of the symposium should be of direct interest to the members of the ICGP, i.e. it should be on a geriatric neuropsychiatry topic. It does not need to be related to psychoneuropharmacology, however. The theme of the 2017 Annual ICGP Meeting is "Neurons, Networks and Neighborhoods: Multimodal Approaches to Promoting Geriatric Mental Health."

3. Preference will be given to topical symposia in areas in which there have been recent advances.

4. A symposium is generally two hours in duration and comprises 3-4 speakers and a discussant. Some symposia will be 1.5 hours in duration will only have three speakers.

5. A Chair and Co-Chair should be identified for each symposium. These individuals can also be speakers. 

6. The submission should include an overall Abstract summarizing the content of the symposium in up to 200 words, and listing the presenters, their affiliations and titles of their presentations. If selected, each presenter will be required to submit a structured Abstract. In the submission, please state if there is any potential of perceived conflict of interest.

7. Each speaker must sign an ‘intent to present’ form to indicate his/her willingness to present. The Chair of every submitted panel must collect all forms.

8. All speakers and session chairs are expected to pay the registration fee for the meeting.

9. All presentations will be in English.

Email Panel Submission Form in Word and a .pdf file including all Statements of Intent to Present to Sally Lagattuta at

Please contact Sally Lagattuta in the ICGP Executive Office with questions about this application process at or by calling 412-608-3383

Guidelines for Abstracts:
1. An Abstract comprises the following:

2. Do not exceed the word limit of 250 words.

3. Make a brief statement of any potential conflict of interest.

4. The scientific committee will make the final decision about the acceptance of the Abstract for the meeting.